Sam Averett has 24 years professional experience in public policy, government affairs and health care marketing. As a legislative and political aide for a US Congressman, he monitored health care and other policy issues before representing health care, food service and media companies as a registered lobbyist.
His work in health in Washington, DC, evolved into a marketing role for managed care giant Kaiser Permanente. As advertising and marketing communications director for the Northwest division, Sam was deeply involved in the national brand repositioning at Kaiser Permanente, work that saw the organization emerge as the leading advocate for wellness. The most visible piece of this repositioning, the award winning Thrive campaign, has been widely mimicked within health care and beyond.
Sam’s intricate knowledge of consumer attitudes toward health and wellness provide insights into emerging market opportunities in the fast-growing wellness sector.
The health care financing and delivery model of the last century is now buffeted by dissatisfaction on the part of consumers, payers and politicians alike. In this disrupted market, his public policy background provides a Fund perspective on the rapidly changing legislative and regulatory environment in which health and wellness innovations are arising.
Sam believes a relevant, credible and differentiating brand vision must be at the center of any business plan and that consumer insights must inform all aspects of marketing, from product development to promotion. With his strong background in research-based brand management and marketing communications, he will provide insight and direction for portfolio companies.
Sam Averett, Managing Partner