Pleiad Wellness targets early- and growth-stage companies operating within four categories of wellness activity. To narrow our focus and guide due diligence, we employ a sequence of filters.
  1. We evaluate companies in light of expectations held by those consumer segments that are leading wellness uptake. These consumers actively consider how their choices affect not just their own wellness but that of their families, communities and the planet.
  2. We look for companies that hold innovations that can advance the transformation to the wellness economy. Much as several decades of innovation in technology and business models built the Internet economy, wellness products and services are shaping a new system of production, distribution and consumption. Companies that can expand this system will define the transformation and create value in the wellness economy.
  3. We assess fundamental soundness. Our investment criteria guides an evaluation of each company within their market context. The diverse knowledge and experience of our team supports thorough vetting prior to investment.
Investment focus