Ian Sidey has four decades of experience in firms as varied as XM World Trade (a subsidiary of Midland Bank), mining finance concern Rio Tinto, leisure products group International Marine Holdings and tower crane lessor American Pecco. His breadth of hands-on business know-how will support both Fund strategy and portfolio companies. His personal commitment to wellness does not temper his keen sense that winning investments hinge on systematic decision making, strong leadership and effective negotiation.
International and domestic experience in line management, financial consulting, early-stage financing and operations, asset-based financing, equity investing, and strategic development provides a strong business foundation. Ian has honed his negotiation and leadership skills in a range of crucial transactional environments: turnarounds, acquisitions, industry roll-ups, leveraged buyouts, out- and in-licensing, an international hostile takeover, and joint ventures.
Training in engineering and an MBA from Wharton add to his perspective.
As a seasoned investor and board member, Ian understands the imperative to turn an idea into a viable business model. He is a founding investor and active board member of MicroDose Technologies. He also has investments in two other private companies, which he has held since early round financing, TDG Aerospace (on whose board he sat until recently), and NadaMoo!, a food company positioned in the wellness space.
Apart from being attractive investments on their merits, these three companies each speak to wellness. NadaMoo! offers a great tasting alternative to dairy ice cream that is both healthy and diabetic-friendly; TDG offers tools for safer travel, while MicroDose offers patients using inhalers a greater sense of control and confidence over their medication.
Ian’s background as an investor and participant in start ups has prepared him to find, vet, negotiate and close on investment opportunities. His line management and extensive board-level experience will translate to strong leadership and facilitation for portfolio companies.
Above all, Ian believes that to seize opportunity one must call on sound analytics and a keen understanding of people. Motivating management and clearly defining the key decision points they face is as important as understanding the underlying market conditions, technology and financials.
Ian Sidey, Managing Partner